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Atelier blam Lemunier & Meyer

Atelier blam Lemunier & Meyer is a multidisciplinary practice that operates at the intersection of design, fabrication and architecture. The studio specializes in conception and engineering, as well as manufacturing and precise execution of ergonomic, functional and artistic forms. Their wider body of work extends over multiple scales and programs: from science, engineering and architecture, to artistic interventions and site-specific installations. Being closely involved in how these complex projects are realized, their approach provides a testing ground for methods of production as well as material research.

With a history of innovative work that dates back to 2015, Atelier blam Lemunier & Meyer has been committed to developing creative solutions starting from the concept stage through to the production, fostering exchange between craftsmen and designers. Through an ongoing collaboration with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and their creative input, the practice has been able to address a broader reflection on functionality, urban design and installation art in today’s environment. The studio, based in Nantes, is led by Bruno Lemunier and Aurélien Meyer.

Adress: 23, Boulevard de Chantenay
44100 Nantes

tel: +33 (0)9 50 02 57 59


PDF: Portfolio Atelier blam Lemunier & Meyer



Aurélien Meyer – design / art contemporain

Bruno Lemunier – structure engeneering / naval architecture


Matthieu Quantin – mechanical engineering

Clément Godry – architecture / project managing

Simona Popadic – architecture / graphic design

Noemie Drouin – mechanical engineering

Mael Bourseul – mechanical design / mechanical installations

Matthias Saint-Martin -mechanical installations

Alexandre Varin – mechanical installations

Cyrille Geay – mechanical installations

Eliaz Millet – mechanical installations


Aurélien JeanJean – mechanical engineering 

Emmanuel Corbier – project management and execution

Coline Féral – automation / movement / light

Joana Lazarova – communication

Previous collaboration :

Jean-Pierre Aubry -mechanical structure calculation

Émilie Thabard – architecture / engineering

Vincent Biscaccianti – mechanical engineering 

Colin Thomas-Minet – mechanical engineering 

Olwen Gaucher – project management, project execution